Point Reyes Camping 2010

Back from our annual camping trip to Point Reyes last week. It’s always a great time with Mammy & Grumps, but this year we were joined by my Brother in law “C”, his partner “N” and their son “J”. We laughed and played A LOT, I came VERY, VERY close to beating “C” in scrabble (ne easy feat) and creamed Mammy in a quite comical scrabble match. She played the word porny, but since we were only loosely following the rules, I let it go :) She didn’t get away with the word ihand in the previous match, though.

We setup camp on Wed, then played games.
Thursday we went to Muir Woods.
Friday, the big boys & kids went on a 8 mile hike while Mammy, Micah & I got oysters and strolled about town.
Saturday we went to the beach.
Sunday we packed up and came home.

Roscoe joined us this year and was overall a great addition. He was pretty useless against the coons that kept raiding our site and he also never quite got the memo that he’s a water dog because he wasn’t a big fan of the ocean. But he was fun to have around.

Enjoy this years slideshow of all my photos. The second song is just for Mammy as it’s her favorite!

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