Be still my heart

It may be over the top ~ but I adore office supplies.

Office supply stores make me happy, oh so happy ~ the smell, the aisles, the bins, the colors, the ink . . . I can’t even describe the joy in my heart just thinking about it, just picturing it.

At the top of the list in my deep affection are:

#1 ~ juicy ballpoint pens.  They have to be really inky & juicy.  Nothing worse than a dry pen scratching on paper.  My  FAVORITE are these:  Papermate silk writers

#2 ~ notebooks/journals/sketchbooks

while I admit that I’ve never been a journaler, it’s because of the process not the product!  I love them, love, love, love any kind of notebook.  I sketch, I list, I think, I record, I design . . . I love notebooks.  At the top of my list until now has been the softcover moleskine, but I’m always on the lookout for something fun.  I adore the grid pages, but also need them blank or lined.  So, now that you have some background on my addiction, you can imagine my delight at finding this:


GOOD GRAVY!!!!  A white, softcover journal with pink gilded edges . . .



Oh be still my heart!



Every inch of it is exquisite.



Are you drooling like I was?  Just wait until you see their whole line!!!!!! 



They have journals in small, medium and large.  Journals with black or white covers.  They have journals with blue, green, black, pink or red gilded edges.  You can pick grid, lines, or blank pages.  AND THOSE ARE JUST THE JOURNALS!!!  There are spiral notebooks, soft notebooks, utility notebooks.  My heart is beating very fast thinking about all these options!!!




Go visit, they’re a brand new company and are actually launching on Amazon as we speak, like right now, tonight!






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