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A couple of days a week the littler kids get a journaling prompt.  I set the timer and they have to write for 10 minutes about that prompt.  Wild Child’s writing never fails to crack me up.  It’s like an invitation into a mad scientist brain.  He just intrigues me as to what’s going on in there!  Here are a few of the excerpts and today’s entry that made me giggle.

I can’t wait to be older, so I can . . .

drink soda
stay up and not do school
live on my own
own a mini mart
go to college
eat junk food
own lots of property
play football
buy a car
own a park
eat a lot of meat
test drive a car
buy my own shoes
build a dam
create a teleporter
buy a cellphone
drink beer
have kids
buy a motor home

Write a story about something you’d do with someone famous. . .

“Susan Boyle was so fun.  We invented flying cars together . . .”

Write a criminal description:

“he is six feet tall, he weighs 100 lbs, he has no hair.  His pants are saggy and he wears flat brim hats & tank tops.  He’s armed and dangerous with a glock gun.  Don’t corner him.  he goes by the name of El Diego Rodrigues”

What would you do if you were locked out of the house?

“First I would kick down the door and yell – BUSTING IN! . . .”

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One thought on “funny journaling entries

  1. Lili

    Wow. It’s like our wild children were separated at birth! That sounds JUST LIKE my son :)

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