a POP party

If you were to visit our house yesterday you would have been greeted by this sign on the door:



It was a POP party!  Yesterday we celebrated my baby’s 7th birthday.  We blew it out with a POP party.  What’s a POP party?  Well the theme has everything to do with the word POP!

Invitations were sent inside a balloon with the directions to blow it up and POP it.

On the menu was:



Bubble Gum

POP rocks



cake pops

We had balloons everywhere and lined the entry way with bubble wrap so that all the guests made a POPping entrance.






The table was decked out with POP stuff, even a cooler filled with Soda POP


Once all of the guests arrived, we opened the party with a balloon drop.










Played a few POP games like blowing the biggest bubblegum balloon, POP the balloon with your bottom races and keep the balloon in the air using different body parts, so the balloon doesn’t POP.  We had it planned to play musical chairs to the King of POP, but didn’t get around to it.









Then we moved a the bubblewrap out front to accommodate the hearing of a few guests.  And they had a grand time stomping out all the bubbles:


We were even blessed with a guest named POP:


Present time arrived and Golden Boy was in heaven.  Upon receiving a LEGO set from his Aunt, Uncle & cousin he gushed:  I already got this for Christmas, but I lost ALL the pieces!  One of the highlights  was a gift from Gram and POP that was hidden in the garage.  A Shiny new bike.  When POP took him out to show him, POP told him he got him the generator (standing next to the bike) and Golden Boy said, “Go get my real present, from the car”.  He was absolutely thrilled, went for a quick loop around the yard and then promptly threw his old “baby” bike in the gargbage.













Then we pretended to blow out the candles on a cake POP:






I think it was one of the best parties we’ve ever had!  We sent every kid home with a stomach ache from all the sweets.  Fun was had by all, and we crashed hard after everyone left!





















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