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I spent 2 days designing this bad boy. I wanted something that the kids could keep track of where we’re visiting in our literature. Also, I wanted a portable map, so that when we’re reading on the front porch we don’t have to tromp upstairs to the big map. Plus, i wanted something fun like a passport. So I created this (photos are poor quality because, it’s night and I didn’t want to get out my mini studio ~ sorry):

Tomorrow we’re going to take “passport photos” and paste them in.  The template is in black & white ~ so you’ll have to color them in.


My brain works well for the creative part ~ but the technical part stumped me :)  It was trial and error to sort out how to get them back to back & facing the right direction.  I’ll let you sort that one out for yourself with your own printer.  I printed the sleeve on cardstock (a whole other battle with the printer) and we’re going to laminate the cover.  I’ll probably end up using a few strips of packing tape.

This passport is available on teachers pay teachers.


Due to the nature of this printable, it is no longer free.

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50 thoughts on “Passport Free Printable

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  2. PrairieJenn

    What a fantastic idea- a great way to make geography more meaningful and fun! You are so creative:) I hope you enjoy filling out your passports throughout the year.

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  4. Jackie

    This is fantastic! I teach music, and I would love to use these for my students when we study music from around the world. THANK YOU!

  5. Kimmie

    Thank you so much! I wanted to make a passport for my students to use as they “travel” through different countries in our studies, but I don’t have the time or patience to make something as useful as yours. Thank you, thank you, and bless you! I certainly appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Thank you for sharing. :)

  6. Ashley

    I am a Social Studies teacher and I was about to undertake the task of creating Passports for my students. THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this template for FREE! You have saved me hours of work, that I can now use to work on lesson planning!

  7. Piper

    Wow! Incredible. I just printed everything and can’t wait to use with my kids. Can’t thank you enough enough for sharing this!!

  8. Lane

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together! I have added a link from my blog. I put together a few links to add this as a unit for homeschool learning. Thanks again.

  9. Jessica Griggs

    Is this passport printable still available? I tried to download but it’s saying that the file is no longer working. Thanks!

  10. Carrie Moric

    Hi there,

    I really LOVE your passport but for some reason I can’t download it? Can you sent it to me by email (PDF) I am teaching social studies to 1,2,3 next yr and really want to have them use these as we go to country to country.


  11. Megan

    Ditto to Ashley’s post. I am a Social Studies teacher and I was about to undertake the task of creating Passports for my students. THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this template for FREE! You have saved me hours of work, that I can now use to work on lesson planning!

  12. Tracy Reed

    Could you possibly email me the pdf file? I’m unable to open the file, and am really wanting to use this w/ our geography studies! I’d really appreciate it!!!! :)

  13. admin Post author

    I’ve tried embedding the file in the post. I hope that helps with those of you having trouble downloading

  14. Heather

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your Passport! Our school is doing a theme of “Land of Literacy”. Each teacher can do whatever they want with it. I’m going to do something with Passports and Literary Genres. (I’m still working out the bugs…which is fine, since school starts in a little over a month!) Thanks for posting this for free!!

  15. Kim Lemear

    This is exactly the type thing i was looking for, thank you so much for sharing. We will be starting our World of Girls Journey with our Brownie Girl Scout Troop. I wanted a passport and a map they could color countries as they visit, this is perfect. Thanks again.

  16. amber

    This is awesome! I can see why it took you two days! Thank you so much for sharing. I am excited to use these for my kindergarten class’s Kids around the World unit.

  17. Leagh

    These are GREAT, I’m paring them with a boarding pass. My little homeschooled kids are jetting across the world to learn history, geography and other lands.

    Their dad has secured them aircraft seating, so Off we soar and your passports are AMAZING!!! I love the maps. It never occurred to me to include maps, now we don’t have to run off to the schoolroom to find places.

    Thank you!

  18. Kelly

    Thank you so much! My Brownie scouts are using these for there lessons on different countries and The World Wide Girl Scouting committees! Thank you!


  19. Kelly Craig

    THANK YOU! I work as a media specialist and I wanted to make a passport for the students to challenge them to “go around the library” as a way to help them find out about the different sections, especially with regards to non-fiction. You just made my job so much easier to accomplish this! Thank you!

  20. Sandy

    I am a school teacher and am so happy I found these to use. I teach special needs and this serves as a needed visual for my students to even begin to grasp the concept of ‘countries’ and ‘maps’ and even ‘passport.’

  21. Keri

    THANK you a million times over! This will save me bundles of time- I wanted a passport to use while we study Christmas traditions around the world. Thanks again!!!!!

  22. Paulette

    This passport is truly awesome! I am hoping to use it for our homeschool study group in our world geography class this next semester. Thank you for spending the time on it.

    I do have one little problem. I was able to download and unzip all the pages and print them, but the first two – pages 0 and 1 have “13″ ‘s on the images. How do I download a version of those two pages without those on them so I can print those two pages without the many “13″ ‘s??

    Thanks for your reply.

  23. Ana Gómez

    I liked your passport very much. I’m an English teacher in Spain and I’m going to use it for role plays for my students. They will love to see themselves in a US passport.
    Thank you very much.

  24. Gul

    Hi, Thanks for the great job and saving other moms time! :) We are having Multicultural Fair soon at and we need it oh so much :) I just have a small question: when i upload it (both on MAcOs and Windows) it is all black and white. Shall it be so or its in color? Thanks, Gul

  25. Loni Willis

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! My kids now have a source that is fun to remember where they “go,” and what they study!

  26. Wona

    How wonderful and generous of you to share your passport template. I love it! Unfortunately, I’m having trouble downloading it, even if i’m using Internet Explorer. Any other suggestions on how I can access the template? thanks so much!


    i would like you to know you have done an awesome job by loading this activity. but my page 3 is not printing for some reasons. i can see how its there for a pic and everything when i print its coming out blank pages… just wanted you to know thanks

  28. abby

    Really, this is awesome, I accidentally came on your site and was thrilled. After spring break I had planned to do Asia project and postcard project and got this passport website. I was able to download, thank you so much. You are really a super mom :-)

  29. Christy

    Thank you so much! This is fantastic, I have been searching for the front cover of the passport and this has everything I need to make the whole passport. I love having the map handy right inside. Can’t wait to get started with my Brownie Troop.

  30. Ann

    Awesome template!! Just using after searching a lot for the best one–and yours is it! Saved me a lot of time, accurate, simple and easy to use.

  31. molly

    thank you a million!!! this is perfect for my geography/history curriculum for this next year!

  32. Anonymous

    I’m doing a lesson plan in geography and my students are going to take a “trip” around the world using Google Maps–this passport template looks like a great way for them to keep track of where we go and journal their thoughts, reactions, and important facts! Thanks for sharing!!

  33. Susan Hren

    Thank you sooo much for creating this! I’m prepping for fall meetings with my Brownies and Daisies and I am thrilled (and relieved) to find this passport. Thank you!!!

  34. Elizabeth

    AWESOME passport! I’m adapting it for behavior rewards/tracking in my 5th/6th grade Spanish class and also as a mini geography lesson reinforcement. LOVE. Thank you for sharing. Ya know, you could sell something like this for a pretty penny on teacherspayteachers. Not that I don’t love free resources, but you could make some $ here with the quality of this resource!

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